About Willow & Friends

For the Dog. From the Dog.

Willow is my girl, the goodest girl there is in my eyes. I love to spoil her with yummy natural dog treats and make her look even prettier with handmade accessories. I'm sure I'm not unique in wanting to give my dog the best, hence W&F Boutique!

You know all those wet, rainy walks; the lost ball recovery expeditions; the poo picking up and wiping of bottoms; removal of grass seeds from fur and nail clipping battles?


Your dog wants to thank you for doing that (but can't as they don't have money), so TREAT YOURSELF dear hooman!

W&F Boutique is an online shop where you can treat your pup, and yourself, WIN WIN.


We are all about supporting other small businesses here at W&F, and we would like to say a huge thank you for supporting our little business.

Helen (Willow's hooman)