Handmade, Natural and Eco-friendly Dead Sea Bath Salts by Be You & Co.


Available in Uplifting Sweet Orange & Grapefruit or Anxiety-relieveing Patchouli.


Be You & Co say:


Luxury sweet orange & grapefruit dead sea bath salts are perfect for uplifting your mood and bringing you back to place of paradise. 


Patchouli scent is anxiety relieving, giving that relaxing feel at bath time with a sense of calm tranquility.  Made using 100% natural dead sea salts and the finest Patchouli essential oil. Our wonderful patchouli is the most amazing, slightly sweet, scent. It's described as having a dark, musky-earthy smell taking you back to the hippy days.


Black Pepper and Lime. This has a beautiful spicy scent, perfect for relaxing and destressing. 


Dead Sea salt is far higher and richer in minerals than ordinary salt which can offer significant benefits to people with skin problems.
It is famous for its healing and therapeutic qualities and it is often recommended for dry and sensitive skin, and psoriasis.


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50g pack.

Dead Sea Bath Salts

  • Dead Sea Salt and Natural Oils