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We received our treat pack from Willow & Friends, and to say my fur babies were happy, would be an understatement, they loved it!! They especially love the pigs ears and chicken feet. With having 4 Labradors I'm always concerned about giving them treats from a supermarket as you don't really know what's in them; knowing the treats are natural makes me happy too!

Angela Bates


Thank you for my treats Willow & Friends! I've just discovered that a dog's way of smiling is sniffing! Wonderful service, wonderful products with a personalised touch which makes it feel like I've really treated my pooch. Once she's chewed her way through these treats we will be purchasing more!

Ria Joseph


Beautifully crafted rosette that adds a pop of colour to Kira's collar! Such pretty patterns and lovely material with a stretchy loop that makes it easy to put on the collar. Kira wore hers for her birthday as a little something extra for the photo album!
We've been giving Kira natural treats since she was a pup and it has always been a task to find a variety of treats in one place, or without ordering from a number of online sites. These packs are amazing. There's a bit of everything in there and there's so much to the Original Pack (which is what our German Shepherd has for her birthday). We think it is great value for money and so much easier to be able to buy a variety in one go! We loved the addition of the personalised label too!

Amy Tatchell


Wow Willow & Friends - what a seriously tasty pack of treats arrived for our boys, Fudge and Monsta! Lots of different goodies and all natural too. The personalised gift wrapping is a lovely touch, Fudge especially liked it, and Monsta thinks it's all great value for money!! And the hoomans weren't left out - daddy had a foot soak and mam had the most beautiful soap bar, exquisitely packaged, and would make a delightful gift for anyone. So...treats all round! And fab service. We'll certainly be visiting Willow & Friends time and again. Thank you x

Gill Clist


Boo absolutely loved her cookies 🍪. She says she wants more, so I will be ordering again. Her gingerbread house with treats is for Christmas so I've had to hide it. Thank you xx

Susie Phillips


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